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Ramsey Civic and Business Hub and Pedestrianisation Project

Town Council News

Huntingdonshire District Council has been actively promoting its Market Town Strategy and the re-opening of its market towns after Covid-19.

Funding has been obtained from the Combined Peterborough and Cambridge Authority to undertake this and it was confirmed at their board meeting in March of this year that Ramsey was to receive £595,000 toward a Civic and Business Hub and Great Whyte Pedestrianisation Project. In order to receive this grant the Town Council will have to match fund the project to the amount of £240,000. More »

The aims of the project are to acquire and develop a new civic office and business hub on the Great Whyte revitalising the Town centre, local economy and wider civic society. It will also provide environmental enhancements on the Great Whyte between New Road and Little Whyte to create space where residents and visitors alike can meet in a zone that is amenable to outdoor gatherings.

The Town Council made a provisional offer for the empty TSB building which would meet the needs of the new office and business hub, this has recently been accepted.

There has been a great deal of debate at Town Council meetings since March regarding the project. The minutes of which you will find on the website https://www.ramseytowncouncil.gov.uk

Obviously to raise £240,000 we would need a loan of some kind which would normally be a cost to the local taxpayer. However, we currently rent our existing office space, with greener energy usage for the new building and the ability to rent out office space it is envisaged the cost will be neutral or at least minimal. To clarify this a proposal was made at the July Council meeting and I quote "It had never been Council's intention to increase the precept to cover the cost of the move. It was felt that loss of rental expenditure along with anticipated rental income and energy savings would manage these costs. To clarify this a proposal was put forward by Cllr Mrs Rayment, seconded by Cllr Brereton that any shortfall from the rental income for the first three years be taken from reserves." This was unanimously approved.

If anyone wishes further clarification or wishes to make comment on the project please email the Clerk on ramseytc@ramseytowncouncil.org.uk » Less

Posted: Thu, 05 Aug 2021 10:35 by Amanda Jerrom


Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council are looking for people to join their family of foster carers.

For more information:

Email: fostering@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Tel: 0800 052 0078

Text FOSTERING to 60777

Posted: Thu, 29 Apr 2021 09:44 by Amanda Jerrom

Cambridgeshire Hearing Help

Coronavirus update:

April 2021: CHH Hearing Aid Maintenance (HAM) Centres open for appointments.

If you are an NHS hearing aid user, or relative, friend or carer of an NHS hearing aid user, Cambridgeshire Hearing Help is pleased to announce the limited re-opening of its hearing aid re-tubing service. If your HEARING AID NEEDS CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE, we have launched a 'drop-off and pick-up 10 minutes later' service at nine HAM Centres located in Soham, Ely, Cambourne, Girton, St Ives, Chatteris, Fulbourn and Great Shelford. More »

To comply with the social distancing regulations and Covid-19 risk assessments our re-tubing process will take longer and therefore our sessions will be by appointment only. Because of these precautions we are only able to offer a 'drop-off and pick-up 10 minutes later' service at present. We ask that your hearing aids are handed to us in a sealed envelope labelled with your Name, Date of Birth, Postcode and contact phone number.

To book an appointment, tel. 01223 416141, email enquiries@cambridgeshirehearinghelp.org.uk. or go to our website https://www.cambridgeshirehearinghelp.org.uk/ and book online

Our HAM Centres operate between 10:30am and 3:30pm as follows:

  • Soham: 1st Monday of the month at Soham Library, 5/7 Clay Street, Soham CB7 5HJ.
  • Ely Library: 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at Ely Library, 6 The Cloisters, Ely CB7 4ZH.
  • Ely Methodist Church 4th Tuesday of the month at Methodist Church Hall, Chapel Street, Ely CB6 1AD.
  • Cambourne: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Lower Cambourne Cricket Pavilion, Woodfield Lane, Lower Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6FB. (Please note this change of address)
  • St Ives: 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the monthat St Ives Library, 4 Library Row, Station Road, St Ives PE27 5BW.
  • Girton: 3rd Wednesday of the month at the Baptist Church, 103 High Street, Girton, Cambridge CB3 0QQ.
  • Fulbourn: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at The Swifts Meeting Room and Library, Haggis Gap, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5HD.
  • Great Shelford:1st Thursday of the month at Great Shelford Free Church, Ashen Green, Great Shelford, CB22 5EY.
  • Chatteris: 2nd Friday of the month at Chatteris Library, 2 Furrowfields Road, Chatteris, PE16 6PT.If you are unable to get to any of our Hearing Aid Maintenance Centres please contact your original provider: your hospital audiology department or Specsavers.

We CONTINUE TO PROVIDE BATTERIES BY POST. Please telephone us on 01223 416141 or email enquiries@cambridgeshirehearinghelp.org.uk. We will need to know what SIZE batteries you require. This will be either size 13 Orange, size 312 Brown or size 675 Blue.

You can also pick-up batteries from the Cambridgeshire Mobile Library, which visits 85 villages and communities throughout the county: www.mobilelibraries@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Further locations for Hearing Aid Maintenance Centres will be posted as they become available. » Less

Posted: Mon, 19 Apr 2021 14:09 by Amanda Jerrom